Adam Hursey Software Engineer

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  • Age: 23
  • Location: Herriman, UT
  • School: Taylor University
  • Degree: Computer Science

Hi there! I'm Adam Hursey

I am a full stack Software Engineer from Herriman, Utah with experience in not only web applications, but also mobile applications and stand-alone software. I recently graduated from Taylor University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science Systems. I enjoy problem solving and working with technology, so computer science was a natural fit for me. I am currently looking for a career that challenges me, one that allows me to work with newer technologies, and learn new things. I want to use my skills to learn how to create value in your company and find areas where I can help your company thrive. I am positive, disciplined, and innovative. I work best in environments where I solve problems by thinking critically and creatively.

A little bit of my background

I grew up in a rural town in Northern Indiana where I graduated from West Noble High School. I played football from 4th grade all the way through my senior year at Taylor University. While in high school I was a member of Business Professionals of America, I was in the band, I was part of the football team, and I threw shot-put for our track and field team. I have been to 9 different countries on missions trips and other various vacations. While attending Taylor University my days were filled with school and football practice, but in my free time I was also involved with many other things around campus. I was a mentor to an at-risk child at the local elementary, and was a residence hall assistant for one year. My hobbies include spending time outside, sports, lifting weights, and tinkering around with technology. I am an avid Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears fan.

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